Working in teams of 4, design a DH project. Just a few ideas (but certainly not exhaustive!): The project could focus on some aspect of librarianship – for example, creating data visualizations of our collections or usage data – or a project around some of our special collections materials – like the fascinating fan that served as an early London theater-goer’s guide to “who’s who” and their seat location. You don’t have to build this project – only design it.


  1. These plans will prepare us to actually begin building several innovative library DH projects during (or before!) the library DH maker’s week. Remember that this week is set aside for those who are interested and want to actually build the projects. It is not required. Those who participate will receive training, support, and structured time away from other duties to bring our ideas to life.
  2. In order to help faculty and students imagine and design their own DH projects, the experience of putting your team plans together will be invaluable. During project consultations, you will have experience to share, and you will have greater insight into helpful questions to ask to guide the scholar’s thinking, planning, and background research as they get started.


The project plan consists of  1-2 paragraph descriptions in response to the following six prompts:

  1. Project Description: What are you going to create? What will it look like and do?
  2. Significance: Why is this project important? Does it make an intervention in the field? Will it reveal new information or new ways of looking at “old” data? Is it a new tool or application of an existing tool to a new question or area of inquiry?
  3. Audience: Who do you imagine interacting with your project? What needs of theirs does your project address? What questions might they have that your project could answer?
  4. Technical Specifications: What software, tool, or platform are you using? Who built it? What makes it an appropriate tool for this project?
  5. Brief description of work plan: Who will/might be involved in creating this project? What skills do they need to possess? What will each person do to contribute to the project? In what timeframe? What is the scope of work to be done? If this is a large project, what are the stages of development?
  6. Sustainability: How are you going to maintain this project after production? Who is responsible for it? For how long?


Digital Project Planning Workshop – Slides and Worksheets

Due Date:

Friday, January 22, 2015 in preparation for our workshop on DH project consultations. Please email one project plan per team to me at Ashley_Sanders@cuc.claremont.edu.


Based on completion only. 🙂